• Only alternate the background color of table rows if there’s a minimum amount of rows?
  • Are the lines after the header and before the footer beneficial? Try what it looks like without them.
  • Change the CSS or something so that using level one (#) headings in Markdown files results in the desired layout?
  • Figure out how Google constructs SERP snippets, optimize metadata accordingly, and record the process in the meta post.
  • Figure out a consistent style to attribute quotations in Markdown. I want to use some type of dash, probably the em dash. Kramdown converts --- to an em dash.

    Consequences! My old nemesis.
    —Master Po Ping

    Consequences! My old nemesis.
    — Master Po Ping

    Consequences! My old nemesis.—Master Po Ping

    Consequences! My old nemesis. —Master Po Ping

    I think I like the first option.

  • Make this website the first Google result for my name.
  • Create a kind of personal wiki.
  • Don’t have link labels with https:// (or http://) in paragraphs. It makes full justification difficult for browsers.
  • Maybe use one line per paragraph and wrapping in Vim. This is better for diffs (TODO: Git has some option to highlight the difference).
  • Apparently px doesn’t work the way I thought:

    Pixels (px) are relative to the viewing device. For low-dpi devices, 1px is one device pixel (dot) of the display. For printers and high resolution screens 1px implies multiple device pixels.

    I thought one px is one device pixel. I guess using px is portable then.